Pay and manage all your SaaS subscriptions from one place

Get full visibility over company's SaaS spending and stop chasing invoices


Cardlife puts you in total SaaS payments control

Cardlife lets you see all company SaaS spending in one place in real time. You can give a Cardlife Prepaid Mastercard® to every budget holder, team or merchant.

Use your card everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Being overcharged on your CRM monthly subscription? Or a 14 day "free" trial that lasted six month. Just set card limits or deactivate that card. It's that easy.

With Cardlife, you can limit each merchant or subscription to a monthly amount. If the merchant attempts to go over that limit, you receive a real time alert, keeping you in the loop.


Get a SaaS usage report and optimize your spending

After 60 days, we'll send you a SaaS usage report. It will help you to review and optimize your SaaS spending and save money.

Isn't time to stop chasing invoices and get more done? With Cardlife spending monthly report you'll get full visibility over company's SaaS spending with a single invoice.

Save money and time with a single SaaS payment

Instantly create virtual card
Pay once for all your SaaS
Get full visibility over spending
Say goodbye chasing invoices
Save money and get more done

Step 1

You can give a Cardlife Prepaid Mastercard to every budget holder, team or merchant. See real time spending per card.

Step 2

Automate your SaaS expenses with a single SaaS payment solution. Top up your card, set spending limits and pay, once

Step 3

See all company subscriptions spending in one place, as it happens. Stay updated with alerts, reminders and monthly reports.

Step 4

Get a single SaaS invoice for all your subscriptions payments.

Step 5

Save dozens of hours every month and stop paying for overcharges and unexpected upgrades.


Full visibility and control

Get full transparency on your SaaS spending with a single dashboard. Continuously monitor all company's SaaS expenses by vendor, card, team or category.


Stop losing money every month

Save money on exchange rate

Banks could charge you up to 4% in hidden costs on exchange. Save with no nasty surprises.

Subscriptions discounts

Get discounts to your card from top vendors when you’re paying with Cardlife (coming soon).

Cancel subscriptions

You can cancel unwanted subscriptions with one click directly from your Cardlife account.
(Comming soon)

Set spending limits

Control your team spending per team or manager with smart spending limits.

SaaS payments are broken.

We fixed it.

Real-time spending overview

Track your expenses

Get real exchange rates

Next generation security with PCI compliance

Pay globally with borderless payments

Real time notifications

Subscriptions discounts directly from Cardlife (soon)

Cancel unwanted subscriptions in one click

SaaS different

A simple SaaS spending solution build for your company

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