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Pay and manage all your business subscriptions with Cardlife

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Full SaaS transparency with a single dashboard
In-depth SaaS analysis to optimize your usage
Real time overcharge alerts, reminders and monthly reports
Create virtual spending card with limits to give to every budget holder or limit each merchant
Issue cards in USD, EUR and GBP to match the billing currency of your service provider and avoid FX fees
Spending monthly report for all your subscriptions
(Bookkeeping done simple)

We managed to cut SaaS spending by 18%! We also saved days of finance efforts downloading, analysing, checking & cashing subscriptions thanks to Cardlife

Will Herman

Chief Operating Officer at Myrecovery

@Cardlifeapp solving the problem of managing subscriptions in one place - every ops and finance persons dream.

Emem Rita Usanga

User Acquisition & UX Specialist

Cardlife is helping us with in-depth analysis across our SaaS apps. With the intelligent dashboard, we control renewals, improve teams ROI and benchmark efficiency across the entire Enterprise.

Kobi Malka

Group Leader at Mavenir

Cardlife is one of the best products I've seen recently, solving our pain point to easily manage SaaS in one place.

Suresh Kumar

CEO at MacApp

SaaS different

A simple SaaS spending solution build for your company

Stay on top of your company's SaaS spending